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Contributions to the COBOL Community

If you want to share whitepapers, articles, success stories, experiences, web site links, and other programming resources that will benefit the COBOL community, please send them to My COBOL Contribution.

COBOL Jobs Outlook

Here are recent COBOL articles and discussions about the outlook for COBOL jobs:

>  Hourly Rate for Skill: COBOL -- IBM

Updated: January 24, 2013 – Key Statistics for COBOL -- IBM Salaries and Jobs. More Charts for Skill: COBOL -- IBM

>  What Is the Pay Scale for a COBOL Programmer?

By Kathy Adams McIntosh – COBOL remains a prominent programming language used in many companies. Companies still require the services of COBOL programmers, choosing to recruit and hire these individuals.

>  Top IT Skills and Salaries In 2013

JiansNet – Also there is still demand for developers with COBOL background. Average Salaries: COBOL $85,847.

>  Is there still a market for Cobol skills/developers?

Henry Ford Community College, Computer Information Systems Department – COBOL is dead, right? All the IT developer jobs now are in modern languages like C++, .NET and Java, right? Wrong!

>  Is the Demise of COBOL Greatly Exaggerated?

By Mark Feffer, Dice, July 2, 2013 – Indeed, the demand for COBOL talent is there, it just doesn’t get much buzz. COBOL-centric skills will be marketable for a good while to come.

>  Recruiters: IT job prospects are better than you think

By Carolyn Duffy Marsan, Network World, January 03, 2011 – Job opportunities growing not only with emerging technologies but also in support of legacy systems. He sees rising demand for IT professionals with experience in Cobol, IBM's CICS transaction systems and IBM's IMS database management system.

>  7 programming languages on the rise

By Peter Wayner, InfoWorld, October 26, 2010 – While fewer schools are teaching new programmers COBOL, the language is far from dying, with many corporations continuing to invest in their COBOL stacks.

CIO Topics on COBOL

Here are topics trending now for CIOs, IT Directors, COOs, CTOs and senior IT managers, indicating the future of COBOL.

Breaking The Cycle Of Legacy IT Investment
InformationWeek, by William T Lord, March 6, 2014

CEOs and CFOs are often blind to the consequences of failing to modernize aging systems. COBOL and Assembler aren’t the only languages feeding the vicious cycle of legacy IT spending.

CIOs Estimate 29% Rise in Mainframe Application IT Debt Over Last 18 Months
Micro Focus, Newbury, UK, March 4 2014

The reality is that only 27% of universities around the globe have COBOL as part of their core (18%) or elective (9%) curriculum.(4).

Railroad Retirement Board sets strategy to move off COBOL
By Jason Miller, January 30, 2014

The Railroad Retirement Board is on a path to finally ditch the COBOL programming language. The reason to move away from COBOL is two-fold.

WA Insurance Commission slashes IT costs with modernisation project
CIO Australia, November 8, 2012

Faced with the increasing cost of maintaining an IBM Z9 mainframe and dwindling numbers of COBOL specialists… The licensing and maintenance costs for our mainframe – irrespective of the number of users and/or COBOL applications – were pretty much the same,".

How to Prepare for the Mobile Explosion
CIOZone, September 27, 2012

While many may not consider COBOL for adapting business applications to support mobile use… Developers are able to modernize COBOL applications to support new mobile applications across a wide number of technical platforms.

One firm's story: The mainframe goes, but Cobol stays behind
By Patrick Thibodeau, Computerworld, April 20, 2010

Owens & Minor is in the process of modernizing its ERP system but the software will remain Cobol-based.

COBOL User Contributions

Here is a collection of articles, technical tips and COBOL application programs submitted to COBUG and should be of interest to the COBOL programming community:

A COBOL mySQL solution

Provides a solution for accessing MySql database using traditional COBOL commands. A solution developed for MicroFocus COBOL applications.

How do I make a COBOL program that will run on a mobile device, like iPad?

Provides the technologies to interoperate mobile app with COBOL applications.

Is COBOL still relevant?

This is an article that summarizes that COBOL in 2012 is far less relevant than it was in 1992, but that doesn't mean it has no relevance.

Specifying Program Design Logic Using Modified Structured Diagrams - MSD, Mainframe Detailed Design

This document describes process specification tools, principles of structured programming control structures.

Mainframe Detailed Design - Part 2

This document, Mainframe Detailed Design - Part 2, provides an introduction to program logic formulation and detailed design.

The COBOL Compiler - Hidden Benefits

In this article, it will attempt to show how a closer look at the COBOL compiler warning error messages could save abends and promote stability in production regions.

Introduction to COBOL Batch Processing

This document provides definitions of COBOL batch processing terms, types of information systems requiring batch processing, batch processing strategies, and standard batch application architecture.

Please, Not Another 50 Years

This paper discusses the objectives of the committee that created Basic COBOL and how the industry did not follow those objectives in coding COBOL programs.

COBOL IF ELSE END-IF - Technical Tip

This is a technical tip on how to code COBOL If Else, End-If in programs.

The Future of the Mainframe

This paper discusses the pros and cons of the mainframe and modernisation of COBOL applications.

COBOL Program Examples

Provides a number of COBOL examples submitted by users.


News Articles

Micro Focus Announces Winner of Global COBOL Coding Contest

Students and Community Developers Use COBOL to Design and Develop Video Games
Marco Cavanna, a community developer from Italy, is the winner of the Global COBOL Coding Contest. Student and community developers across the world were challenged to design and develop a video game program using Micro Focus’ Visual COBOL Personal Edition.

A Look at Mainframe History as IBM System/360 Turns 50, COBOL Turns 55

COBOL is one of the oldest programming languages around. The first COBOL compilers appeared in December 1959. IBM estimates that more than 200 billion lines of COBOL code are still used.

COBOL still not dead yet, taking on the cloud

Common wisdom says that COBOL should have died years ago. It’s probably easier to move COBOL into the cloud.

Banks will stick with COBOL because Java has performance issues, claims quality guru Bill Curtis

The old COBOL systems, despite the number of defects that occur, are actually more secure and fast performing when compared to the modern languages, such as Java.
Product News

Fresche Legacy R&D Efforts Translate Into Big Gains for Companies With Business Applications and Data on IBM i

Customer modernization projects have driven demand for better control and reuse of business rules embedded in legacy RPG, COBOL and CA 2E (Synon) applications. The latest release of X-Analysis has been significantly enhanced to provide new capabilities for automated analysis, documentation, data modernization, and consolidation and export of business rules from legacy code.

From COBOL to Mobile: The Evolution of Terminal Emulation (Infographic)

Attachmate blog - Mainframes, COBOL, dumb terminals, thick clients… The Evolution of Terminal Emulation:

Infinite Releases Its Latest AS/400 Migration Toolset

Infinite I 10c incorporates every conceivable update and capability that any end-user or developer could desire for their legacy COBOL or RPG programs that were written for the AS/400 environment.

Reboot, relaunch and a new COBOL product

Filix is pleased to announce a new development tool for users of Micro Focus COBOL. Filix’s "COBOL Dictionary for .NET".

More COBOL news articles...

More COBOL product news...

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