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COBOL Standards


Here are references to the COBOL language ANSI COBOL standards, COBOL history, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance:
 > American National Standard (ANSI) COBOL 2002 Standard (INCITS-Adopted ISO/IEC Standard)
COBOL Language ANSI COBOL 2002 Standard (INCITS-Adopted ISO/IEC Standard) $40.00. Number of Pages: 860.

 > COBOL History and Specification
The COBOL specification was created by a committee of researchers from private industry, universities, and government during the second half of 1959.

 > COBOL Standards
The revised COBOL standard was approved by ISO in September 2002 and published in December 2002. Copies can be obtained from ISO or your national member body of ISO. ANSI adopted the COBOL language ISO standard as a U.S. standard in July 2003. Copies can be obtained from ANSI for $18.

This COBOL language website serves as the launch point to access various COBOL Standards related websites.

 > COBOL85 Test Suite
The COBOL85 test suite, a product of the National Computing Centre, UK, is used to determine, insofar as is practical, the degree to which a COBOL language processor conforms to the COBOL standard (ANSI X3.23-1985, ISO 1989-1985, ANSI X3.23a-1989 and ANSI X3.23b-1993.)

 > Computer Languages History
This web site provides a history of computer programming languages, including COBOL history.

 > History of COBOL Language
This document addresses the three ANSI COBOL standards that were approved in 1968, 1974 and 1985, excluding the ANSI COBOL standard that was approved by ISO in 2002 and ANSI in 2003.

 > International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
A network of national standards institutes from 148 countries working in partnership with international organizations, governments, industry, business and consumer representatives. A bridge between public and private sectors.

 > International Organization for Standardization (ISO) - 2002 COBOL Standards
ISO COBOL 2002 Standard $45.00. Number of Pages: 859.

 > Sarbanes-Oxley: The Cost of Complying With Sarbanes-Oxley
This document discusses some of the issues with complying with Sarbanes-Oxley.

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