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COBOL White Papers


COBOL to Java migration, .Net COBOL, mainframe migration, security, web services and XML white papers are listed.
White Papers by Vendors
COBOL Development White Papers
COBOL General White Papers
COBOL Java White Papers
COBOL Migration / Legacy Modernization White Papers
COBOL .Net White Papers
COBOL WEB Services White Papers
COBOL XML White Papers
Computer Security White Papers

White Papers by Vendors

 > CA Technologies
CA Technologies's COBOL white papers cover various COBOL software products, technologies, trends, and solutions.

 > Compuware
This is a collection of white papers covering mainframe solutions.

 > GT Software
Legacy migration and modernization white papers related to products from GT Software.

 > Micro Focus
Micro Focus has over 35 COBOL white papers covering various topics, including integration, deployment, maintenance, migration and COBOL programming.

 > MigrationWare
Here is a list of white papers covering file compare, file restructure, ICL VME migration, Micro Focus ADABAS compatiability option, Micro Focus IDMS compatiability option, and more.

 > TechRepublic
TechRepublic's library of technical COBOL white papers cover topics such as COBOL .NET Framework, COBOL to Java, Fujitsu COBOL, Micro Focus COBOL, Web Services, and more.

 > Transoft
A collection of application modernization & migration white papers.

 > Veryant
A collections of COBOL whitepapers and technical notes.


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COBOL Development White Papers

 > COBOL Programming Design Patterns, Introduction to COBOL Batch Processing
This is a discussion on COBOL batch processing.

 > COBOL Unicode Support
It covers the support for Unicode available with Enterprise COBOL for z/OS and OS/390 Version 3.

 > Developing Mixed Visual Basic COBOL Applications
This paper discusses COBOL and Visual Basic and the benefits of combining the two languages to develop mixed Visual Basic COBOL applications.

 > Positioning WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries
This document describes the WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries

 > Simplifying the development of enterprise scale e-business applications
This COBOL white paper discusses the critical Web application development needs of an enterprise and explains how an integrated development environment can simplify the development of e-business solutions and associated Web applications.

 > WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries
This document describes the consolidation of all the key iSeries server development tools, both host and workstation, traditional and new, into one convenient, integrated, and attractively-priced iSeries offering.


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COBOL General White Papers

 > Believe It or Not
This paper discuses broken COBOL coding and productivity.

 > Beware of SQL (Structured Query Language)
To those who are looking for SQL (Structured Query Language) to solve their COBOL maintenance problem, I'm sorry to say, "you are heading 180 degrees in the wrong direction."

 > COBOL Costly Judgement Errors
The first judgement error, from which all other errors stemmed, was for our Software Industry to reject the committee's vision and intent by having COBOL programmers destroying the readability/understandability of the coding by flooding the their coding with abbreviations.

 > Don't Give Up On COBOL!
Don't give up on COBOL before you at least try writing one computer software program as intended and envisioned by the prestigious COBOL committee.

 > Hopefully Not Another Thirty Years
For over thirty years, data processing management has supported a debilitating and counter productive approach to programming productivity in general and programming maintenance in particular.

 > Ludicrous
Ludicrous is the best description of our Software Industries handling of Programming Productivity since COBOL came on the scene 50 years ago.

 > The Future of the Mainframe
Technology writer Stewart Alsop predicted in 1991 that the last mainframe would be unplugged in 1996. The prediction did not come true and the mainframe powered into the 21 century.

 > Wake Up and Smell the Roses
This COBOL article is about how COBOL programs written have not followed what the committee that created COBOL envisioned.

 > What Does The Future Hold For COBOL
For COBOL to have the tremendous future it's capable of, we must "Go back to the future."


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COBOL Java White Papers

 > Automatic Migration from COBOL to Maintainable Java
Four millions lines of COBOL were automatically trans-coded toward their Java equivalent.

 > Building a mixed COBOL/Java application that starts with COBOL
An application that runs in an IMS Java dependent region must start with the main method of a class. A COBOL class definition with a main factory method meets this requirement; therefore, you can use it as the first routine of a mixed COBOL and Java IMS application.

 > COBOL and Java Data Types
It shows the COBOL data type that corresponds to each Java primitive type.

 > Cretaceous COBOL Can Spawn Jurassic Java
Various tools have been developed to convert COBOL into Java. There are even COBOL compilers that emit Java code. The problem with that is that if you input Cretaceous COBOL you will get Jurassic Java.

 > Using Java and COBOL Together
It introduces the different ways that Java and COBOL applications can call each other.


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COBOL Migration / Legacy Modernization White Papers

 > Batch Applications - The Hidden Asset
This white paper explores what is needed to migrate mainframe batch applications to a Windows platform by reviewing the different components that make up batch applications, considering the issues involved in migrating each component, and determining how those issues can be resolved with products available today.

 > Cloud Compiling - Case Studies
Fortune 100 Company Saves $100,000 Annually with Centralized Mainframe Licensing.

 > COBOL Migration Methodology
This white paper describes a COBOL migration methodology.

 > Financial Benefits of Legacy Modernization
This paper brings together data from a number of case studies of legacy modernization projects performed using NetCOBOL products.

 > HP Application Transformation Solution Brief
This is an HP application transformation solution brief.

 > HP e3000 Application Migration & Modernization
With the HP e3000 end-of-life announcement, not only does your IT management have its pressing new business requirements to consider, but also how to get off the HP e3000 platform.

 > HP e3000 solution transition advisor compilers and user interface and white paper
This is the third of a series of COBOL white papers from Hewlett-Packard, providing e3000 customers with a transition process roadmap to assess, analyze, select and manage the appropriate transition strategy for their HP e3000 solutions.

 > ICL Mainframe Application Understanding, Migration & Modernisation
Many IT departments are currently considering ways of either improving the operation of their ICL VME systems and/or replacing them with different hardware and more standard operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, UNIX and Linux.

 > iSeries Application Modernization - An Update
This paper reviews some of the key modernization strategies in the iSeries marketplace.

 > Migrating to COBOL Compilers under LE
This Share presentation provides hints and tips on easing your migration to COBOL and Language Environment (formerly named COBOL370 and LE/370).

 > Migration from ICL Mainframe to Open Systems
Transoft opens Windows for Paymaster to reduce costs with migration from ICL mainframe.

 > Migration Pathfinder Process
The purpose and importance of the Pathfinder Process is to ensure that both the client and Transoft understand what assets the applications consist of; that the key considerations are clear, and to plan for all aspects of the migration and implementation.

 > Modernizing COBOL with business rules
This is a discussion on modernizing COBOL Code with business rules.

 > OpenVMS Application Migration and Modernization
The options for moving off OpenVMS are application replacement, either through a package implementation or re-development, or application migration.


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COBOL .Net White Papers

 > Application Development Framework Extending COBOL with .Net
This whitepaper sets out the complexity of OO COBOL in the Microsoft .Net environment and describes a solution to (mainframe) developers for gaining proficiency in development of .Net applications without the fuzz of the over one year learning curve Gartner describes.

 > Creating COBOL from the .NET Framework Class Library Help Topics
NetCOBOL for .NET supports most of the .NET Framework constructs so you can take advantage of the .NET Framework class libraries. This white paper provides guidelines for interpreting the .NET Framework documentation and map the .NET Framework constructs to their NetCOBOL for .NET forms.


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COBOL WEB Services White Papers

 > Developing XML web services using EGL components
This paper discusses both how to create a Web service using EGL programs and how to deploy a Web service to WebSphere Application Server for z/OS.

 > Incorporating Mainframe Systems in Service-Oriented Architecture
This white paper provides a simple to use but technically sophisticated way of enabling a web service on a CICS system AND then managing its use within an SOA Infrastructure.


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COBOL XML White Papers

 > XML, COBOL, and Application Modernization
This presentation describes IBM's XML tools in detail and will demonstrate that effective leveraging of existing COBOL assets and skills can contribute to measurable productivity gains while providing functionality essential to a modern business application.

 > XML for the Enterprise - Providing a XML Interface to a CICS Application
This COBOL white paper describes how IBM WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer (WSED) tools help you in modernizing your Enterprise assets and adapting them to process and produce XML messages.


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Computer Security White Papers

 > COBOL language vulnerabilities
This is a discussion on language issues in secure coding.

 > Mainframe security changes as Web services arrive
This article addresses mainframe security related to Web services.

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