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PowerCOBOL Vista - Does PowerCOBOL run on Vista 64 bit - NetCOBOL Fujitsu Forum

Fujitsu [ return ]
From Message


Subject: Vista 64 installation

I have been developing PowerCOBOL (version 8.0) apps for a while now on my XP machine and have had very little trouble installing this apps on other machines. Today I installed a program I wrote on a vista 32 bit system. Does anyone know if these same PowerCOBOL apps will install (and run) on the newer vista 64 bit systems?

Thanks, Allen


RE: Vista 64 installation

If version 8 is a 32bit compiler they will install and run fine on vista 64.


RE: Vista 64 installation

I also use PowerCobol (ver 9). I had the same question about compatibility to 64 bit systems. Did you ever find out the answer to your question?

I would like to compare notes with you sometime about your challenges and successes using PowerCobol.

Jack Brown
GFC Data Systems


RE: Vista 64 installation

We have our NetCOBOL and PowerCOBOL programs running on VISTA 32/64. Fujitsu told me that there should not be an issue running the 32bit version in the 64bit O/S. They have just released V10.1 which will work with Windows 7. It also is available in a 64bit version now.

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